photo of a group of plant workers in clean room garb handling, sorting and preparing chemical-free or organic shrimp

Chemical-free, farm-grown, hand harvested and prepared

Production plants are modern and have modern separate processing areas. Our cooking area is separated from raw shrimp areas to eliminate any cross-contamination. Our freezing is done with the use of modern spiral tunnels, freezing tunnels and plant freezers.

We use state-of-art scientific procedures to grow, harvest and process our shrimp

All larvae are grown in controlled hatcheries without the use of antibiotics. All shrimp are grown with a controlled diet and best natural feed. In most cases, feed is blended in on-site plants.

The farm's (pond) water is tested daily for salinity, oxygen and temperature to ensure healthy and safe shrimp are grown in the ponds.

When the shrimp reach 10-15g they may be harvested at the next moon phase. After completion of the harvest the ponds are dried and sanitized to get ready for re-stocking.