Uncooked Farm-Raised Shrimp

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Central and South American farmed white shrimp

Our shrimp are produced from Central and South American farmed white shrimp. All products are quick frozen and finished graded.

Our tail-on and tail-off shrimp are hand peeled and de-veined before freezing and packing.

These products can be custom-packed to meet your customer requirements. Pack sizes can also be modified.

Poly bag graphics can be customized for your specific purposes.

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Shrimp Products Pack   Available Sizes,
finished counts
P&D Tail on 4X5 Lb./10x2 lb. poly   16/20 to 70/90
P&D Tail off 4X5 Lb./10x2 lb. poly    
PUD* 10/5lb. or 2kg. block   *70/90 to 110/130 ct/lb.
Shell on headless IQF 4X5 Lb./10x2 lb. poly    
Customized According to specifications