Wild Caught Chemical-Free Shrimp

photo of cooked peeled and deveined chemical-free or organic shrimp in a salad

Peeled and Un-deveined (PUD) or Peeled Tail-On (PTO)

Wild-caught from Central and South America

Our shrimp are produced from wild caught shrimp fished from the waters off the coasts of Central and South America. Our peeled shrimp are finished graded and packaged in an environmentally friendly manner. Packaging is designed to reduce waste and costs by using bags and eliminating inner cartons.

Suitable for distributors, cookers, breaders and foodservice.

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Here is a sample chart
Products Pack Available SIZEs
PUD 10/5lb. or 2Kg 70/90, 90/110, 110/130,130/150,
150/200,200/300 and broken
PTO 10/5lb. or 2Kg 70/90, 90/110, 110/130,
130/150, 150/200